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quinlan-big-newest.JPGI contacted Carlos because I wanted to learn spanish in order to improve my law practice. I often times have spanish speaking clients, and while I have someone in my office that translates, I thought it was important to be able to communicate directly with my spanish speaking clients. Carlos has made learning spanish easy and fun. Every month or two I seem to reflect on my progress and it is really rewarding to recognize how far I come. I recall the first day I met Carlos (my first lesson), he dove right into this “Yo soy Carlos, tu eres Matthew” bit and I was totally lost… That seems silly now, but it only funny because now, 9 months later, we sit in my office and speak spanish for 2 hours each week… I enjoy our classes and Carlos has become a friend of mine. I would (and have) recommend him to anyone interested in learning spanish…
Matthew J. Quinlan, Attorney

quentin-knight.JPGAfter many years of good intentions, I finally got serious about learning Spanish in early 2006. I specifically wanted a teacher who would adapt their methods to my needs – those of an intermediate speaker with a short attention span, good intentions and a preference for learning through assimilation and immersion rather than book learning. Of the teachers I interviewed, Carlos had the best interpersonal skills and was able to address my needs for flexibility with his range of teaching tools. I took classes with him twice a week for two years and during that time spent a month in Costa Rica in an immersion program. I have now realized my goal of moving to Miami, where I head up Latin American operations for a global commercial real estate company. Carlos made sure to have interesting and engaging topics ready for classes each week, sought my input on areas of improvement that I felt necessary and encouraged me to bring in documents that I would need to be familiar with in my work.
Quentin Knights, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Services DTZ, Inc.

paula.PNG Carlos is wonderful! I have studied Spanish for many years — in school and, more recently, taking classes in a small group at a local language school. About a year ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Carlos and I have been amazed at how much I have learned through his excellent teaching style. Carlos is practical, thoughtful and flexible — I believe any student, especially adults, would benefit greatly from his instruction. I only wish I had met Carlos earlier!
Paula Frederick, Dodge & Cox Funds

colleen.PNG Spanish with Carlos is more than a lesson in language – it encompasses culture, history, and current events. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn the grammar correctly, but you put it into practice with dialogue and conversation relevant to Spanish speaking countries today. Carlos makes spanish fun and rewarding!
Colleen Lauerman, Entrepreneur / Financial Analyst

glen-lubbert.PNGI really enjoy my lessons with Carlos. I had zero knowledge when it came to speaking Spanish and was eager to learn because so many friends around me were speaking it. Additionally, with my business, I would interact with doctors from outside the U.S. who spoke primarily Spanish. Carlos has been so helpful throughout my journey, and I really appreciate the conversational learning style. He’s professional and very knowledgeable. I enjoy how he shapes our lessons with a mixture of grammar, personal expression, and culture. I highly recommend him and look forward to our next lesson.
Glen Lubbert, President, Mojo Interactive

kevin-henry.PNG Carlos has a very friendly demeanor and relaxed teaching style, which help to make his classes enjoyable and non-intimidating. I was comfortable in the very first class, which made it easier for me to immediately learn Spanish vocabulary. Not only have I learned and retained a lot of the language from his class, but I have discovered much about Spanish and Latin American culture. Furthermore, he makes his class more interesting for everybody by guiding and encouraging each student to express his/her background, interests, and hobbies in Spanish. The seamless manner in which Carlos connects the Spanish language to Latin culture and individual interests greatly enhances the pleasurable learning experience he provides. He is a superb, highly knowledgeable teacher, and he makes learning Spanish fun. Kevin Henry, Personal Trainer

howard-and-sasha.PNG Every Tuesday morning for the past year we have eagerly anticipated our Spanish class with Carlos. Carlos has a refreshing ability to engage us in stimulating conversation, with topics ranging from politics to culture and travel, and he has a special knack for keeping conversation alive and fun. In his teaching he finds an optimal balance between being wonderfully supportive and accepting while at the same times holding us to exacting standards. He does this all with humor and warmth and is clearly committed to our learning Spanish as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.
Howard Gillis and Sacha Bunge, Psychologist and Professor

garymeyer.jpg I have been studying weekly with Carlos since the end of 2005, right after my first trip to South America. Carlos offers me an educational experience tailored to my specific needs and capabilities. At the beginning of each class we talk about random subjects of interest (sometimes for half an hour), which helps develop conversational flexibility. After that, we read and discuss articles and news stories on various subjects or work on a grammatical theme, usually with a heavy dose of dictation involved. Improvement has been noticeable since 2005. I continue to study with Carlos because, for me, it is the most convenient way to regularly exercise my Spanish muscles in between my travels, and I know we will always have something interesting to read or talk about.
Gary Meyer, Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Industry Analyst

Carlos came highly recommended by my fellow colleagues and it was instantly clear why. His comfortable teaching style, knowledge of the Spanish and English language and ability to challenge his students in an interesting and enjoyable way combine to make him an excellent Spanish teacher. Carlos has the unique ability to assess his students’ Spanish language skills and then he makes an effort to adjust his teaching style and curriculum to challenge and engage his students beyond their current skill level. I have had various Spanish teachers over the years and this is a quality that is unique to Carlos. He addresses the needs and goals of his students (i.e., advanced conversational skills, improved writing abilities, business-level conversational Spanish, etc) and incorporates these into his sessions. This combination of skills and his teaching experience makes Carlos’ classes extremely useful and gives students the opportunity to learn and advance their Spanish language skills at a quicker pace. He also makes his classes fun! I have been taking classes with Carlos for over a year now and would recommend him to anyone (at any Spanish language level, from beginner to advanced) interested in advancing their Spanish language skills.
Heather Wright, Biologist

AbbyI have enjoyed learning Spanish with Carlos over the past two years. Our small-group classes are both entertaining and informative. By asking students to describe stories and experiences they are familiar with, Carlos encourages an organic and effortless learning process. I recently traveled to Spain and Mexico and found myself well prepared by Carlos’ lessons. Even with a demanding work schedule, I make time for Spanish class every week.
Abby Ramsden, Lawyer