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Private Lessons

Carlos will customize the lesson plan and focus on your specific needs and your pace. Are you traveling to South America in the near future. Are you working with a Spanish speaking customer?

Learn Spanish with one of San Francisco’s finest native-speaking tutors in the comfort a location of your choice in San Francisco. We know learning Spanish is more than just learning the vocabulary. Carlos will teach you his culture, the appropriate etiquette and much much more!

*1 hour free introductory class
*Discounts: 10% off if the payment is made one week or more in advance

1 on 1 (individual classes)
Price: $60.00 per hour

1 on 1 Eight Week Prepaid Packages

Hours Per Week Total Hours Total Cost Rate Per Hour Per Student
1 8 $420 $52.50
1 1/2 12 $600 $5