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Enjoy Spanish classes Policy

The First Trial Class – Special price $20.00! (effective since August 1st. 2013)


 “If you like our style of teaching and our methodology, you can sign up for a 10 consecutive weeks prepaid package of 10 classes, 1 hour and a half classes weekly ($450.00 ) after the first trial class and your first effective class of 10 classes will start the following week. After the first effective class, the 10 classes have to be taken in a period of  12  consecutive weeks maximum.”
Regarding the make up group classes, please be informed that:


1. We offer one make up group class at the end of the prepaid package for all students that miss one or more classes during your 10 weeks.

2. Also, If you can not attend to your regular class in a certain week, please e-mail me in advance so I can give you the option to join another group of your same level instead, so you do not miss your class of that week.

3. If it is the case that you will be away for the whole week, please e-mail me in advance so I can give you some group options and you can attend to two different groups the week before or after your week of absence.


Our method of teaching has a very conversational approach so it will be very beneficial for you to attend another group of your same level even if the group is not working on the exact homework.


Note: There is not reimbursements, but we can offer you a credit for your non-attended  classes (balance) for one year if for some reason you need to stop your classes and resume your classes later. When you resume your classes later, you pay the rate for the full 10 weeks prepaid package minus your credit pending.


Hope this make sense.


Please let me know if you have any questions.