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All classes are hold via Zoom until the situation normalizes!


The First Group Class – Special price $20.00!

If you like our style of teaching and our methodology, you are welcome sign up for a 10 consecutive weeks prepaid package after the first special price group class and your first effective class of 10 classes will start the following week.


1 on 1

For all levels.

Specially for beginners, our mission is to make our students feel comfortable and confident, learning grammar, conjugation of tenses and increase vocabulary with always a permanent conversation approach.

Price: $85.00 per hour (individual class)

Discount for pre-paid 10-weeks package

Total Cost Rate per hour
per student
1 hour weekly $700 $70
1 & 1/2 hour weekly $975 $65

Small Groups (up to 8 students)
For all levels.

For intermediate students, our goal is to encourage them to improve their knowledge and understanding through grammar exercises, reading and discussing articles from current events and general issues from Spain and Latin America.

Pre-paid 10-weeks package ( Click here for schedule )

Total Cost
per student
Rate per hour
per student
1 hour weekly (only weekdays at noon) $320 $32
1 & 1/2 hour weekly $450 $30

Self Formed Groups

For all levels, we will always review grammar, discover new vocabulary and have an interesting conversation.

Pre-paid 10-weeks package (1 hour weekly)

Number of Students Total Cost
per student
Rate per hour
per student
2 $500 $50
3 $420 $42
4 $360 $36

Classes arranged for companies (groups up to 8 students)

Pre-paid 10-weeks package
Flat rate per hour: $170.00

Total Cost
1 hour weekly $1700