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Carlos Bazan

I was born and raised in a middle-class neighborhood in Lima, Peru. From childhood, I cherished my country’s rich culture of music, dance, ancient sites and living traditions. I also developed a strong curiosity for other cultures and languages; I studied English throughout my childhood, and French in college. I studied economics at university in Lima, then went to work for the National Petroleum Company of Peru (Petroperú), in the field I believed would be my professional future: international marketing.

After five years with Petroperú, I moved to Belgium to further my international business studies in Louvain-la-Nueve and Brusels. Europe inspired an even greater appreciation of diverse cultures. I returned to Peru and continued working in the field of import-export … always tempted to explore more languages and customs.

Finally, in 1999 I decided to “go for it” and move to San Francisco. What a great experience! From the start, I discovered new worlds of language and culture in the Bay Area. After working in the business profession that I was familiar with for two year, I began to explore a new journey as a Spanish teacher in California.

In 2006, I founded the Enjoy Spanish language school. Enjoy Spanish has been blessed with many motivated, intelligent, amazing students. All of us at Enjoy Spanish, students and teachers alike, have enjoyed the process of teaching/learning Spanish together.

Now that I’ve discovered my true passion – teaching Spanish – I take great pleasure from sharing my knowledge and love of the language with all the teachers of my school, and with the students we’re privileged to work with.

Again, I love my Peruvian background, I cherish my Latin culture, I respect my Hispanic heritage and my Spanish language, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you on your educational and cultural journey with Enjoy Spanish.

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